When local customers search for your service online is your business in the results?

If not you need our help. If you own a fish and chip shop in Wandsworth you want to make sure if somebody searches using Google for “fish and chip shop in Wandsworth” that your business shows up in the Local results. The Google search results are divided into three (see the screen grab from google.co.uk on the right):

  1. The Paid Listings (usually at the top of the left column and in the right column, but there are none for this search term)
  2. The Organic results (in the left column)
  3. The Local results (with a grey pins in the left column that have a corresponding red pin on the map on the right)

We can help you with this…

As you can see, each of the business listings in the Local Results have “Google reviews” beneath them. By clicking this you can go to their Google+ Local page and can read what reviews people have posted about their service. Ensuring your business gets plenty of good reviews will help your business be chosen over your competition. Once you get 10 reviews you get a score next to your listing in the search results which helps your business stand out even more!

Local Marketing Search

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