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We have put this briefing form together to help you really think about what you are trying achieve with your web presence and make sure the resulting website is as effective as it can be in making your business bloom.

If you come to any questions that don’t apply, leave them blank. If you are unsure of any of the questions you think you need to answer, please email or call us and we will be happy to advise you.

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7. What benefits does your product or service deliver? – A feature of a great surround sound system might be the number of speakers whilst the benefit might be the cinema-esque experience it delivers:

8. Why would a potential customer choose to buy from your rather than any of the other options available to them?:

9. Are there any commonly held negative perceptions about your industry?:

10. Who are your target audience/customers? Gender, age, geography etc:

11. What action do you want people to take after visiting your website?:

12. Do you have a website or domain name already, if so what is the url?:

13. If you do not have a domain name what would you like it to be. Will you require an email address linked to the domain name?:

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15. Who is your main competition, please list 5 competitors’ websites below:

16. What sets you apart from your competition?:

17. How important will search engine traffic be to your site for acquiring new business?:
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18. What is your deadline to go live?:

19. Do you have an existing identity/logo you would like to use, or will you require a new identity/logo?:

20. If you are not happy with your logo tell us why…

21. What look and feel would you like your website to have. Please provide 5 examples of sites you like below and where possible give specific details:

22. How many pages will need on your website i.e. Home Page, About Us Page, Contact Page etc?:

23. What features would you like your site to incorporate, for example: Animated Graphics, Contact Form, Location Map etc:

24. Will you be able to provide good quality images and text for the site or will you require us to source these?:

25. How often will you require the site to be updated with new content? i.e. changes to a price list or a menu:
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